Wednesday, August 11, 2010


How long has it been since you enjoyed your cup of coffee, because you like it and not to recede your headache? or how long has it been since any of us, skipped a friend's birthday party only because you were tired from work? how long has it been, since you bought yourself an ice-cream...and how long has it actually been since you looked at yourself in the mirror and told yourself," dude, you look nice today!!" There is an evident evolution of a person from birth to break-ups, boost to beer, blushes to bruises and bunking to banking...One thing common in every phase is "change" and another even more important factor is how we get "ADAPTED" to each of these changes...
No wonder the word sounds very "philosophical" and "oh my god! do i have to listen to this" types. But, the fact is that, each of us undergo a continuous, significant and a never-ending process of change and adaptation, that one almost tends to forget "the actual me"...People change with times and times change with people...People learn to adapt a change and changes force people to adapt...Adaptation among humans can be social, genetic, behavioral and psychological and it is highly impossible to strike a balance between all of them...
There are instances in life when you are just not prepared to accept a change or a variation...Getting adapted to that particular change might involve, extreme emotional imbalances, insecurity and frustration...Things seem to be slipping out of hand and all it can take, is that particular thought to depress you for a lifetime...All one can think about is the reason for the problem and its consequences...It looks like a never ending phase of life, and it attracts so much attention that we almost neglect the brighter side of life...But, eventually, people start adapting to this change and then there comes another happy morning and everything seems sunny and serene...

I have been changing...i have been adapting...hope it works out the same with everybody else...:D


  1. finally u out with your brand new blog.....well kruthi well i have only one thing to say "VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE"... not because we should change or adapt the situation because people around us wants us to do so, but it's always better to adapt changes which can enhance us to become better human beings...and i'm sure though you can adapt to the cahnges you as a person will never change...
    have fun...!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey!! well said Kruti..Very thoughtful ! Adaptation is necessary to survive.. for sure! But ya.. not on the cost of forgetting "yourself". Good going! :)

  3. yup..right on mark...good going!!!
    waiting for more...

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    one fan also madam!

  5. I beg to differ with you.How many life have we all got? Certainly,only one.If we keep on adapting ourselves with passing moments, hours and days, it would be difficult for us to recognize ourselves and be natural and human.What we actually can do is to withstand all the changes around us and enjoy the process. lets not change lest somebody connected with our past and lost somewhere should fail to recognize our new facade.

  6. "Adaptation is necessary''
    I will follow ur blog and ur great thoughts:)
    finally ur the inpiration for 14 followers only with one post